Please check the Reference Material List and Surname List.   We only do limited look-ups for specific requests due to staffing.  We encourage you to come into the Research Library if possible. Donations are welcome for our look-up services.

IMPORTANT:  To help make research productive for all please bring a family tree or outline of family names you are researching which includes a time era for birth and death dates or marriages and area of residence such as Arcanum, Southern Darke County or other.  

PLEASE NOTE:  Our library contains mostly Southern Darke County records and a few of Darke County and Preble County.


Research at the Arcanum Wayne Trail Historical Society is by appointment. Please call 937-692-6462 to arrange a time. Location of the historical society is 123 West George Street Arcanum, OH 45304.  Also open the First Saturday of the month from 9am-noon.   Open Most Saturday mornings during the summer for research.

We have a copier to make copies of materials for a nominal charge per page. Please note researchers do need to sign in upon arrival. See the Research Guidelines and Reference Materials List for more details of information we have available.




1. Researchers must sign in upon arrival.

2. You may bring pens, pencils & paper tablets to make notes. Cameras are also permitted as well as laptops.  Please bring a CD or flash drive if you wish to have a copy of digital materials.  Or copies may be made of materials.  AWTHS assumes no responsibility for the useage of copied materials for any reason.  If AWTHS materials used in publications or documents or such we ask for acknowledgement and by permission first.

4. A copier is available to copy any research document at $0.20 per page.  Color .50 per page.



Reference materials may include but are not limited to the following: Family history books, Family Bibles, old plat books, Family letters and correspondence, Books about Arcanum and surrounding areas, Genealogy reference books, Birth/marriage recordings, Cemetery readings, Census books, Church membership lists, Military records, Naturalizations, Ship passenger list books, County family history books.

Contact Annette Stewart at 937-692-6462 to arrange donation of any Reference Materials to the AWTHS Genealogy Library.  Please check our reference list to avoid duplicates.  Regarding photos:  We prefer 8 X 10 or smaller size to fit into binders.  If larger items please call first.  Please do not drop off articles at house and leave on the porch or in the door.



To submit your family’s history to the AWTHS to be shared with the public ccall Annette Stewart
937-692-6462 or contact us at:

Arcanum Wayne Trail Historical Society

Attention Genealogy

P.O. Box 4

Arcanum, OH 45304

Your history submission will be filed under the family surname.

You must download the Acquisition Card and include with your history info. This releases information you have submitted to the control of the Arcanum Wayne Trail Historical Society and certifies you understand that this info will be public. The AWTHS assumes no responsibility for content or accuracy of family histories submitted.

We prefer that all histories be submitted on family record sheet FRS or from your computer genealogy software program as a GED file.  We have a family group sheet download available on our website if needed.  We recommend your family histories include the submitter’s contact info on the form along with sources of information including where the document or info was obtained.  Copies of birth/death/marriage certificates along with newspaper clipping of obits or photos may be included.

Copying Photos & Histories: Copies of your Family History to be donated should be completed before arrival at our location.  We can only copy small amounts, but there is a charge.  

To insure legible information, we suggest the use of black ink pen or dark pencil.

Family histories should be mailed or brought to the AWTHS Building by appointment. Call 937-692-6462.